Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tort Reform
OK, so this really isn't about tort reform but it is, as we say in the newz biz, a peg. Many moons ago as I was toiling in the fields of factual accuracy, I had a colleague whose father was a fatcat Demo-type gummint lawyer going back to the Kennedy years. My colleague wasn't involved much with the law but he did have the connection to get a low-level job at the Association of Trial Lawyers.
He told the story that one day he called some office somewhere on some business. His call was taken by a secretary and he properly identified himself as calling from "the Association of Trial Lawyers." He thereupon heard the secretary passing the phone call to someone else, telling that person that the call was from the "association of tribal warriors."
There is a kind of slaunchwise truth in there somewhere.

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