Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Not News
I was talking with a friend the other day about the genius that is The Simpsons and just had one particular scene tear through the shrink wrap of memory. Homer has invested the family's entire savings in "Animotion," a motion-capture company. He uses a phone system to check stock prices:
Operator: For automated stock prices, please state the company name.
Homer: Animotion.
Operator: Animotion: Up 1 1/2.
Homer: Yahoo!
Operator: Yahoo: Up 6 1/4.
Homer: Huh? What is this crap?
Operator: Fox Brodcasting: Down 8.
Of course "Animotion" declares 'super duper' bankrupcy. But that one line dig at Fox is just so perfect. Even though I think we can see the end of the series off in the distance, it will live forever in such brilliant moments.

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