Monday, August 08, 2005

Conversion Experience
You never know when you're going to have an epiphany, even if it is on such a small scale as to make the use of the word "epiphany" absurd. But it's still how you feel. To wit: Febreeze Air Effects in "Meadows & Rain" scent. I found, after storing a vacuum cleaner therein, that my closet had a hint of a smell about it. Nothing gross, just an identifiably different scent than the bedroom to which it adheres. And I didn't care to be struck by the fact that my closet had any kind of smell at all. It should be undetectably neutral. So, having a coupon from GoC ("Good old Costco"), I bought some of the aforementioned product. Oh joy unbounded! It smells great!
I was going to spritz the closet and leave it at that but now, the whole house smells of "meadows & rain" (puh-leeze! but I like it). So, if you drop by BlogDog Central, you will share in my peculiar taste - in this case taste being smell. Maybe I'm synesthetic.

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