Tuesday, August 02, 2005

First, our monthly tagline change. This month we will be honoring, slaunchwise, the musical "Grease" by altering a line from "Summer Nights."
Next, flick an eye down to the "longings" and you will see the latest additions to the collection. All Elton this month. But let me assure you, you'll never see another all Elton month as long as breath continues to find its way into and out of my pleura. Back in the lamentable 1970s, I was a big Elton John fan. But the Elton I liked was the Elton of the eponymous album, "11-17-70" and those coming into the fold this month. I already own "Madman Across the Water" and "Empty Sky." At some point, I'll probably acquire "Elton John" (just to get "Your Song" if for no other reason) and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" which was, sadly, the last Elton John album worth listening to.
I don't know what happened to Reg Dwight but probably when he found out that he was popular enough to come screaming out of the closet and not have it cost him anything, he stopped writing good music. I worried something whas going wrong when I heard "Don't Let Your Son" ... sorry, "Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me" but the "Caribou" album was an abortion from "The Bitch is Back" on. SLAP! Bad Elton! Don't make me slap you again!
Casting an eye forward, I think Jake is gearing up for a new disc. Fingers crossed for a quick release on that one. And I never did get me any Carpenters. We shall see what perverse mood strikes me at the start of next month.
Noted briefly: I listen to a borrowed "Lost and Gone Forever" by Guster. The disc dates back to 1999 and, to be honest, I'd never even heard of Guster but it's pretty good. Puts me in mind of Carbon Leaf a little which is strange beacuse Guster is a trio. But I'll be vacuuming up all the Carbon Leaf discs before I'd buy Guster. Still, if you want to sample a talented band, give 'em a try.

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