Sunday, July 31, 2005

Current TV
This one I don't understand. Visit the link and maybe you can explain it to me.

Here is their stated vision:
"Current is a new, independent cable and satellite TV network. Here's what we're up to:

There's plenty to watch on TV, but as a viewer, you don't have much chance to influence or contribute to what you see. This medium - the most powerful, riveting one we have - is still a narrow vision of reality rolled out in predictable 30-minute chunks. It's still a fortress of an old-school, one-way world.

We want to bust it open."

If you check the programming it is anything but current. I will leave it to the BlogDog to give it a more appropriate name.

I guess they believe we are all television producers at heart. I don't this will have anywhere near the same impact that the Blogosphere has had and will continue to enjoy, but I think that is what Al Gore was intending when he decided to invest his money in this project.

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