Sunday, July 03, 2005

Other Business
The BlogDog segment of PoW wishes all who have visited, whether by happenstance or design, a very happy Independence Day and a fun-filled summer to follow. We in America must never forget that our first is the Fourth. God bless us, God bless our ongoing experiment in freedom and government by the willingness of the governed.

I am planning to visit a friend who is a Grill Grandmaster even if we have nouthing but cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Yes, I know I shouldn't be eating cheeseburgers but off the grill, a cheeseburger puts a mere hamburger in its shadow. And it's tradition.
I have a slightly early birthday gift for him (link to come, after the gift is given) of something that's so cool, I simply couldn't resist getting it for him. Then viewing of some public fireworks and a few private displays and the day will be done.

Tuesday marks the day of my whole new HVAC system. Oy. Again, dropping 3K on a system is not really what I want to do but circumstances call for it. I figure I'll get better performance for less energy use and I won't have to worry about an aging "contractor grade" system. I'll post more later as the work develops.

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