Thursday, July 14, 2005

What A Day!
Thank goodness Paul is doing the heavy lifting for me today. I've been out of the action, offline that is, dealing with a new wireless router. I've been running on a Linksys (which, of course, is actually Cisco now) 802.11b router and having great success with it. But I've thought that I should be able to get some more speed out of the setup if I moved to am 802.11g router. I got a NetGear 624WGT on eBay for ... let's just say I thought it was a reasonable price.
But setup was just seriously intent on biting my ass. I could not get the net connection running through the router. And, with a brief consult from Lycurgus, the problem has now been solved. I was making a fundamental error. In setting up the router, I was responding to the question "Do you need to logon to the internet?" with a "No." Since I, basically, don't. But I've been running off a wireless network for quite some time and I, to repeat myself, basically thought I didn't need to logon. But I do. But if I'm going through the router, it needs to have my logon info. Duh.

So here I am, running on G. In the next few days I'll be checking the speed and testing the signal strength at range. According to the box the range reaches the Loft and Poolside. Cool. I didn't even know I had a pool.

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