Saturday, July 16, 2005

Intolerance or That's As Much As We Can Tolerate?
It appears the Netherlands, long considered the most tolerant and liberal nation in the world, is starting to view Arabs in a different light. This era of tolerance ended shortly after the murder last year of filmmaker Theo van Gogh. His killer was convicted last week.

The solutions being called for include enacting laws to curb immigration from Islamic countries. They are also considering ways to prevent arranged marriages between Muslims and people living in the Netherlands.

My guess is that this issue of tolerance will soon be debated in these United States. All it will take is one more terrorist attack and people will be asking whether the US can continue to allow people from Arab nations to reside here. It's not as though these sort of extreme measures have not been used in the recent past. Just ask the Japanese-Americans in the 1940s who were forced into Internment Camps in the Western United States.

It's sad to say but these are the times we live in.

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