Monday, July 18, 2005

You Can't Make These Things Up
Following a perverse link off Neal Boortz's site this am, I saw something that made me wonder. Let me snip the language from Boortz:
Morning Sickness: Our friend Psycho brings us this gem. Man dies after having sex with a horse. Now, sex with farm animals isn't unheard of, but there's something a little different about this story. We'll let you figure it out rather than pointing it out to you.
When I clicked the link, it brought up a Seattle Times local news page with the headline: "Videotapes Show Bestiality, Enumclaw Police Say." But what forced the double take was the ad served to that particular page load. An ad for home delivery of the Seattle Times that pictures a man's hand holding a plucked (rubber likely) chicken by the neck with the copy "Ideas for... Places to go, Things to do. Less than $2 a week."
OK. Apart from the symbolism of "choking the chicken," why in the name of all that's holy would you allow that ad to appear beside a story on bestiality?
By the way, if you click the link, you'll probably get a different ad served to the page but click away - you might see what I saw.

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