Friday, July 15, 2005

Kind of a Surprise
I got my Mike Cross CDs (see the "longings" in the sidebar for info) in the mail today which is a source of great joy to the Orthodox Crossian that I am. I am now only three discs short the entire collection and it will be my quest to have them all by year's end. I've already done a couple of eBay searches and the albums I don't have on CD are the three that are out of print: Rock 'n Rye, Born in the Country, and Child Prodigy. But I have all these on vinyl and I've put them on tape over time so if I can dig up the tapes, I stand ready to digitize!
But I get a bit of a surprise. iTunes uses the Gracenote CD Databade (CDDB) to fill in the album and track information when one inserts a disc. Mike's "Solo at Midnight" was not in the database. It is now, I tell you. I uploaded the info. But I've found some rather obscure albums there so I nonplussed that an album as good as "Solo..." wasn't there. How nice that one individual can right a minuscule injustice.

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