Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cell Phone Use While Driving
Would you all please read this research from Australia. I would think it obvious but what do I know. I only work in the technology field and understand how much effort it takes to use a cell phone, let alone while driving a motor vehicle.

Our brothers down under discovered (what a surprise!)

"Drivers distracted by cell phone conversations quadruple their risk of a serious accident."

Please consider pulling over to the side of the road or at least letting it ring until you can completely stop your vehicle. I've heard plenty of these conversations and let me tell you they are not worth getting into an accident for. In fact, they are pretty useless and usually begin with the immortal words, "I'm in the car driving."

Let's all realize that these cell phones are just gadgets. Nobody used them 20 years ago. It's not that important to always be available, and might even enhance your social status if your friends, family, and business associates realize you can't be reached while driving your car.

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