Wednesday, July 20, 2005

About to Break Big
I have the feeling that Carbon Leaf (click the link and enjoy a stream of their music - "Paloma" is playing right now) is on the verge of breaking out as a major act. Laura Ingraham, who has used their music as bumpers on her show, is having them in studio today.
Earlier, I said that I thought "Indian Summer" was not as good as "Echo, Echo" but I was wrong. I have been listening to the disc more and more lately to the point that several songs have moved into my "Top 25 most played" songlist. "Grey Sky Eyes" is one of my new faves. Great, not just good: great song.
Another nice thing is that the band has made almost all the songs on "Echo, Echo" available for download at the page for the disc. Ceertainly there will be those who download all the songs and don't buy the disc but I hope my readers will have the same reaction I did: listening to the songs after downloading them made it necessary for me to buy the disc so I had the opportunity to rip the songs at maximum quality.
Get ahead of the curve - snaffle up a good collection of Carbon Leaf's music now so you can sneer at friends and say, "Oh, you're just now finding out about Carbon Leaf? I've been listening to them for ages now." As long as you recognize my good taste in putting you on to these guys.

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