Thursday, July 21, 2005

To Add My 2 Cents
The greatest tribute a net surfer can make to the passing of James Doohan, at the least inconvenience, is to listen to James Lileks's "Up Your Shaft" mp3.

As Angus lay on his deathbed, he called Jock to his side and said, "Ye know how fond I am o' the wee drop, Jock."
"Aye," said Jock.
"Wull," said Angus "I've left ye a few pounds in me will that I want ye to spend on a good bottle of wuskey on me birthday and pour it over me grave.
After contemplating for a moment, Jock replied, "Aye. I can do tha' for ye. But would ye mind turribly if I strained through me kidneys first?"

I spill a drop of scotch wuskey in the memory of Chief EngineerMontgomery Scott.

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