Monday, July 25, 2005

That Damnable Costco!
Shopping for milk, fruit and some stuff (more about that in a moment) at my local Costco, I first saw an iPod thing: the JBL On Stage iPod speakers. I admit - I picked up the package, looked at it, seriously considering throwing it in my cart but thought, "Nahh - too weird a design and I don't remember if it was well-reviewed on iPod Lounge." Stumbling on, I almost immediately came upon the Altec Lansing inMotion iPod speakers. I knew the inMotion was well-reviewed on iPod Lounge. Yeah. I bought it. The link takes you to Apple's store which is selling the speakers for $179 so at least I got a good deal. The Costco price was a mere $140. And, recognizing the limitations of a small set of speakers, this guy sounds remarkably good.
Costco: so seductive. Spend $140 to save $40. And with the cash back option on my card, I've saved probably another 20 cents! Woo Hoo!
I'm glad I bought that big wad of rechargable NiMH AA batteries.

UPDATE: Having said "more about that in a moment," I promptly forgot to say anything more about that. What I picked up was containers of mushrooms, crumbled feta cheese, olive tapenade and roasted red pepper/jalapeno hummus. The point of these is to acquire (in non-Costco quantities) romaine lettice, roasted chicken and red onion to make wrap sandwiches. I think the idea of a romaine, chicken, feta, tapenade, diced red onion and mushroom wrap is just mouth-watering. Care to join me for lunch?

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