Thursday, July 21, 2005

Can You Say Criminal Profiling?
The War on Terror comes home. The NYC Police will begin random searches of people riding the subways. I am all for it as I know it's not me they are looking to keep from bombing our transportation system. The profile of the criminal will be anyone looking like they are from an Arab country.

This is just part of what will be done to prevent these maniacs from achieving some vain glorious death. I fully expect the screws to be tightened even further. I would even go as far as to say I wouldn't want to be Arab looking and living in these United States. All it will take is the stimulus of an attack to raise the ire of people with a lot less self-control than myself. Then look out as it won't be safe to walk the streets if you are an Arab. The United States is a vengeful nation and when provoked it has dealt out merciless justice to its enemies. I don't expect anything less in this War.

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