Sunday, July 03, 2005

Just Damn
The good folks at Apple, who have the habit of separating me from cash which has found its difficult way into my grasp, have discovered a new way to bifurcate me from the contents of my wallet. Kim du Toit says, rightly, that man can never have too many knives. I'm starting to think that one can't have too many iPods either. The new 'Pod has a color screen, and - here's where I start reaching for my credit card - 15 hour battery life. Just damn!
It's a photo iPod of course and I don't give a hoot about carrying around pictures. And if it were made in a 30 gig model, I'd be even more sorely tempted. I've loaded the great majority of my CDs onto my current 20 gig 'Pod (I have about 1.6 gigs of space left) and if I had a 30 gig model, I could pick up the contents of the few discs that I have which I don't really listen to. I mean, c'mon, "Flagpole Sitting" is a good song but the rest the "Harvey Danger" CD is nothing to write a blog post about. I also have none of the Glen Miller or Mills Brother on my 'Pod, which I would if I had the extra 10 gigs.
So, with those caveats, no new iPod. But that doesn't mean I won't want one.

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