Monday, August 08, 2005

Hell's Kitchen
There will be a post in the aftermath of "Hell's Kitchen" finale last Monday. It will be here. I have yet to write it. But it will be here.
UPDATE: I wasn't joking when I said "here." My thanks to Paul for his impassioned comment and I bow to his superior knowledge of the kitchen craft. But I didn't have the same reaction to Michael. I did think Ralph was going to win but I rather liked Michael's dishes. I thought his underhanded behavior during the competition was, while not right, at least fitting with the idea of winning against competitors. He was there to defeat them even if it meant sabotaging the overall restaurant. Again, not the right thing to do but kind of expected in the context of the show.
Oh, and whozits being a lesbian: (sarcasm)shocker(/sarcasm).
I was intrigued that Michael took the option to go work with Gordon instead of getting his own restaurant. There is a part of me that thinks that result was always in the offing. A summer replacement show doesn't generate the $$ to set up a real, on-going restaurant. I think. It will indeed be interesting to see if Michael can make it working under Chef Ramsay. I'm going to guess that he will. Ralph will also go on to success as a chef even if he didn't win the competition. He evidenced sufficient attributes of ability in the kitchen and drive that he will be a head chef in a fairly short time. But I don't think he has the imagination to be an executive chef. I think Michael can be.
But I've been wrong before.

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