Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just Shameful
Joe Sherlock who occupies a place on the PoW blogroll (and if you're not trotting over there - Joe's place, not the blogroll - every weekday, you're missing something great), has just had a run in with the Kos Krowd. Kos being the ultra-left website that manages to be respectable only in distinction to Democrat Underground (in the sense that a gob of spit on the sidewalk is respectable because it's beside a dog turd). This will give you a full explanation of what went on even as I give you the short story. Basically, Joe cobbled together a great "separated at birth" graphic of Keith Olbermann and Milhouse Van Houten (here) which a Kos Kiddie hotlinked in a post pimping the left sheeple to try to raise the viewing numbers of Olbermann's show. (Olbermann is a leftist jackass of the first water in case you didn't know.)
Let me make that point againg: hotlinked the image. He "put" the image on the Kos site by putting in a link to the image on Joe's server. This, when done on a site that is hugeley visited (as Kos is by the mind-numbed leftbots), will result in a huge bandwidth suck on the servers when the image was originally posted. In short, Joe's bandwidth was leeched by a Kos poster. In a surprisingly classy move, the post-er apologized to Joe. I'll not abuse him any further.
In any event, Joe handled it nicely by changing the image (follow the explanatory link above to see all, know all) which resulted, naturally, in a mountain of abuse with only a light dusting of apology.
Joe, you rock. And for the abuse you've gotten, it only shows who's the better man.

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