Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fast Food
Father, forgive me. For I have managed to try most of the new "items" that are spewed out of the arse of the American fast food industry. My penance will be to eat most of the new items that are spewed out of the arse of the American fast food industry. Today's Hail Mary will be about McDonald's new chicken sandwich.
I like fast food too much. I avoid it mostly but, as I just noted, try the new stuff. Which, with the case of McDonald's means I made the mistake of trying one of their new "premium" chicken sandwiches. Wretched. They should be sued for misusing the word 'premium.'
When I was a kid, McD's was the Thang: the only game in town. Hamburgers, the best French fries, milkshakes. When I first tried a Big Mac, I thought it was the quintessence of burgerhood. Now ... I know better. McDonald's still has good fries. But Burger King's are better. The Big Mac is dry, the three levels of dry bun are horrid and, well, it's a lousy burger. Why didn't I know it back then? McDonald's now does two things worth a pass through the Tarnished Arches: breakfast (how can McDonald's get the biscuit right when a nominally Southern place like Chick-Fil-A can't?) but stay away from the McGriddles which are sick-makingly sweet. And the old 99¢ cheeseburger.
Not that I should know but more fast-food ripping is in the offing here at PoW.

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