Friday, August 05, 2005

Too Much, Too, Too Much
I was considering posting on any number of topics: Novak's CNN walk-off, bloggers banging themselves up (Venemous Kate and Martini Lad), the loss of Marines in Iraq, the Roberts nomination, the Bolton recess apointment.... But I am pushed to the point of paralysis by the weight of current events. Everybody comments on these things. It would make more sense for me to create a post that says, "Blogger X has the take on Roberts (with link), Blogger Z has the take on Novak (with link)," et cetera, ad nauseam.
I'll see if I can't pull myself together sufficiently to post something interesting. Probably personal, not national news. I have a mild case of pinched nerve in my right wrist so I need to pop it loose before I do much more typing.

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