Thursday, October 13, 2005

Avoiding Too Many Updates
Below I have updates on my music post wherein I mention that I have Roger Daltrey's solo album "Ride a Rock Horse" on 8-track. I was wrong. I have Daltrey's first solo album (called, can you guess?, "Daltrey") on 8-track. And here's the proof.

UPDATE: Will this update madness never stop? Doesn't Roger look angelic in that artwork? He ain't nearly that pretty now - the skin is showing the ravages of time but I have no reason to attack him. He at least still lives. Sorry Moonie. Sorry Ox. What's notable about this recording (ha! it's an 8-track so I can't call it an album or disc now can I?) is that the feature song is Leo Sayer's "One Man Band." It's sad that Sayer got to be known for "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" when he'd written much better songs. I need to get out the 8-track player (Yes, I still have one) and listen to it again. This has some good stuff on it.

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