Friday, October 28, 2005

Perfectly Safe Files To Remove From Windows XP

I had a slow afternoon and decided to slim my laptop down to a more manageable size with the help of this site. This fellow allowed me to delete more than 1 gig of Windows XP Operating System files from my PC without crashing it once. Your mileage will vary and this blog will not be held responsible for any damage you do to your own system. Though it sure was fun to read clear explanations regarding junk that is installed on your PC and that you will most likely never use. There was even a certain rush every time I rebooted, because I had to ask myself if I had finally gone too far! Fortunately for me I can send this laptop back to HQ and have it reformatted. The rest of you may not be so lucky or might not possess a reliable backup. Just remember to take it sloooowly.

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