Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just Minuscule, Petty Life
I made a trip to a stationery store yesterday. Special trip. Out of my way. Why? I needed refill cartridges for my Namiki "Vanishing Point" fountain pen. It is one of my all-time favorite fountain pens. It has one of the finest nibs I've ever used and thus writes in a very thin line. And, as the name implies, the point is retractable. It is not the most elegant looking fountain pen I have (one day I'll count them) but it is the most useful. Of course, "most useful" means most used as well. Leading to a severe out-of-ink situation.
It's possible that the mega stores like Office Depot and Staples have the cartridges for my specific pen but I knew that the office supply store in my old home town had them as I'd bought them there before. So I drove probably 20 minutes more just to be sure I got what I was after. Yet I didn't just get the cartridges. That would be foolish. I also got a bottle of "Wite-Out" to paint the teeth of the upcoming "Dent-O-Lantern" and a glue stick so I can build Bela, the mechanical papercraft bat. It's not all about Halloween but a lot of it is. (Bela is well underway and should be finished today. Pictues will be posted.)

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