Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fast Food Adventures
A while back I laid into the crap being purveyed by some of our more famous roadside distractions. Well, I have to hand out close to a rave this time. I got a craving for a chicken pot pie. I know, it's not a good thing to indulge cravings when your salient problem is calorie retention, but I decided to track one down nonetheless. I considered going to the grocery store but I realized that if I went the grocery route, I'd probably buy more than one and eat them in way too short a period (like one evening? -Ed.) For God's sake, shut up Ed!
So I tried the local KFC/Taco Bell location and KFC does indeed offer a chicken pot pie. I usually get a couple of tacos, a taco salad or a chicken wrap when I go there so I suppose I just never noticed the pot pie. Well, friends and neighbors, this is a delicious chicken pot pie. It has crust only on the top so it's not a sodden mass of gluten with a little pocket of chicken and veg in cream sauce. The filling is very tasty though I'd like a little more chicken in my pot pie than they give. Plus, the crust is remarkable for fast food: light, flaky and baked to a great golden golden brown. Dang. Full marks. My only problem is that now I know there is a good chicken pot pie for the having at the drive-through. This is one of those cases where self-restraint is truly an exercise.
I need to exercise more.

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