Friday, October 07, 2005

House Cleaning
I am afflicted with thet typical guy's gadgetphilia. Even unto such things as vacuum cleaners. Basically, if you make a gadget that promises to make cleaning my house easier, I'm going to give it serious consideration if not just buy the darn thing outright. So what have I done when faced with taking the wallpaper (two layers) off the kitchen wall where the range/microwave hood project seems to be the on-going project for the rest of the month? I bought a Scunci steamer.
It is, after all, steam that is used by those devices that are dedicated to wallpaper removal. But I'm not going into the business and I didn't want to rent one since I wanted to do this at my own glacial pace. Besides, once the wallpaper is removed, I'll still have a steam cleaner that I can use to (you see this coming, don't you) clean.
Short story: the steamer works very well for wallpaper removal. It doesn't have a huge capacity so I wouldn't want to use it to clear an entire room of wallpaper in short order. But for working a section at a time, and the fairly small wall space between counter and cabinet, it works rather well. And I gave my fridge front a quick steam down and wipe with a dishcloth. Yeesh. More dirt was on there I realized.
I got my steamer at good old Bed, Bath & Beyond with one of their 20% off coupons. I can recommed it both for cleaning and the price, provided you use a coupon.

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