Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How Could I Have Missed This?
I've been owing a Jake blog post for a while now and this isn't the one I'd intended. I check his "gigs" page every now and again which allowed me to see him at the start of the month in nearly my own backyard. And it paid off again today. He's going to be in Alexandria, Virginia on November 18 for "An Evening with Four Fabulous Fiddlers."
The truly great thing is the link for the show has a link to Jake's page for his performances at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage. He's played two shows there and there are Real Player links to both shows! The latest, from late last November is just over an hour of Jake on stage. A lot of really good material. If you've not listened to him yet and wonder why 'I DO go on' about him, this is your chance to see and hear play in streaming video. Egad, I love the interweb thing.

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