Friday, October 14, 2005

What I Forgot
Knocked a few cobwebs out of the noggin and recalled what I meant to post in my "Miscellany" post below: Blogger seems to be running faster lately. Thank goodness for that. I started to post a few times and bagged it after waiting for Blogger to get the "Create" window up and running.
Another thing that I stumbled on today is Mark Cuban's blog where he posts about network television now being available via the iTunes Music Store (better make that the ITunes Media Store from now on). He does a good job of laying out the changes that this tectonic shift in content delivery is likely to make. Now is the autumn and our disc content has been made glorious summer by this son of Apple, to put an ugly gloss on the Bard.
I don't know if there's going to be a lot of yak about the changes we'll be seeing but expect that things will change. If DVD sales can resurrect "The Family Guy" from network oblivion, what will $2 TV shows do for series that are good but broadcast against network juggernauts like "CSI?" It could mean life for good but underappreciated shows. And speaking of good things, Lileks is now podcasting. Life just keeps getting better.

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