Thursday, October 13, 2005

A speaker set for the iPod Nano. Very cool.
The new iMac on a second look: Dang! You can get a 20 inch G5 iMac (albeit without a phone modem but, as I said before, so what?) for, let me be honest, easily $500 less than I paid for mine less than a year ago. Not only that, the new one has a faster processor, a built-in camera and a larger hard drive. Oh fer ... what's not to like?
Kitchen blogging: This is a very cool egg timer. (via Gizmodo)
Someone has done a very smart thing: Akihabara news online. Akihabara (meaning "field of autumn leaves" if I recall correctly - love that name) is tech central in Tokyo. Modern Japan writ in an explosion of colorful pastic and "Hello Kitty" high tech. Man! do I hate typing the phrase "'Hello Kitty' high tech!"
There was something else I had in mind to post but I'm going Oldtimers diseased on it. So I suppose I'll have to pin it up here later.

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