Wednesday, October 12, 2005

More Apple Madness
I've been casting my googly eye over Apple's new offerings and I'm left pole-axed again. First - the video-capable iPod. Ummm. Ok. Things I like: smaller form factor (sleeker than previous models), same luscious Apple design (yes, more of the same but it's such a gorgeous sameness), 30 & 60 gig sizes at $300 and $400 per - excellent price points. Things I don't care about: video capability. It's a great idea and I'm sure many people have been salivating for it but I just don't need to watch video on a li'l bitty screen. On the other hand, the iTunes Music Store (with an update to iTunes 6) now sells television show episodes. $1.99 for an episode of "Lost" for example. I love the idea but am I going to buy an episode? Let's see what the Magic 8 Ball has to say - "Outlook Not So Good." Dang. It's right again!
Now, there's a new iMac as well. Nice features set: built-in iSight camera (and a new fun app "Photo Booth"), sleeker design - that seems to be a given in Apple's design skunkworks these days, and interestingly it comes with a wireless card built in but now a modem for dial-up is optional. Sure makes sense to me. I'd love to have one of the new ones but that would be one of those "if I won the lottery" purchases.
All in all, the new Apple cool junk is a step forward. An incremental step, no new dents in the universe, but real progress in anyone's estimation.

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