Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another "Bloodzilla" Moment
Now there's a post head that needs an explanation. In the Simpson's episode "Worst Episode Ever," Bart and Milhouse take over running Comic Book Guy's store. As a customer is browsing, Bart says, "Ah nice to see ya. How about that Bloodzilla? (laughing) Vampire dinosaur? You can't make that stuff up."
So from that point on, anything that deserves the description "you can't make that stuff up" gets a "Bloodzilla" tag. And today's moment goes to a headline in the regional briefs as published in the Metro section of the Washington Times. I reproduce the the headline verbatim:
"Naked man hits car with stolen pigeon"
Honestly. You can't make that stuff up. Here's a link, scroll down to the Virginia/Suffolk "dateline."

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