Monday, July 17, 2006

This, That And Some Of The Other Thing
But not so much of the other.
I heard from a friend today that his house was robbed while he was away for a few days and the visceral anger it brings me just doesn't go away. He called me later to say that what was stolen was not as extensive as he thought originally so I am calmer by degrees. But it's not what was taken that has me enraged. The Red Cloud of Blood descends when I think that my friend's sanctuary was defiled by some human turd drug addict who thinks his need to put junk in his body allows him to take from someone who's worked for what he has.
The area in which he lives is OK but it a bit too close to Ho-town for comfort. I hope he's able to move in the next few months.
It's times like this that I wish The Commonwealth would pass castle doctrine law as Florida has. I don't really have a problem with ending the ability to process oxygen of some low-life who thinks of my possessions as his source of income.
This was going to be about more things but I'm in just too foul a mood to go on about anything else.

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