Monday, July 31, 2006

Call Me A Romantic
This month's music is "The Ultimate Collection" by The Carpenters. In the past, I have admitted my absolute slavish devotion to the incredible voice of Karen Carpenter yet I don't have any of their music in my collection. On CD that is. So, after listening recently to the kick-ass fuzz guitar solo on "Goodbye To Love," I decided that I had to have a good lolloping whack of their music for my next purchase. My troll through Amazon resulted in the above-mentioned multi-disc collection (link in the sidebar). It has a lot of the well-known stuff and it will probably obviate the need to buy more Carpenters for me.
My only hesitation is that with artists I like, I prefer to get all of their work even though I may not like all the songs on every disc. And having a collection like this makes my buying the individual CDs less likely. It's not a big hesitation.
Ah. Such is life. I'm deeply saddened by how much I didn't realize the magnitude of the loss when Karen died. I didn't realize how incredible her voice was and the world of music lost something that I can not ever see being replaced. It's also too bad that The Carpenters had such a frothy, bubble-gum reputation when they were writing and performing. It's enough to make a music lover cry.

And just as a by-the-by, do you own any Sara Evans? You don't? What's wrong with you? Ok, OK. I'm being obtuse. She is nominally a country singer but she is such a phenomenal talent that you are obliged to listen to at least two of her songs before you are allowed to ignore her. The songs are "Real Fine Place To Start" (the title track from her latest disc) and "Born To Fly" (the title track from her third CD). "Born To Fly" should have won the grammy for contry song of the year and would have, had it not run up against the juggernaut that was Dan Tyminski's "Man Of Constant Sorrow" from the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack.
The lady has the whole package: stunning good looks, great backup musicians, phenomenal voice and she's a conservative to boot. His friendship with her is proably the only thing I envy in Sean Hannity.

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