Monday, July 10, 2006

Home Again
Back from my trip to Philly and the wonderful hospitality of the Philly boys. The two Jakes' show was very good but Jake Armerding was, as noted in a previous comment, kind of low energy. Great music of course but he seemed about 4/5ths speed for some reason. The other Jake, Jake Shimabukuro, was interesting to hear. He plays ukelele and makes it sound like a Spanish classical guitar. But he over emotes while playing and he obscures the song in his virtuosity. He played Return to Forever's "Spain" and it was a minute and a half before I realized what he was playing. But he had an enthusiastic following in the crowd which is nice. The two Jakes got together for a jam at the end of the show with Jake A on fiddle, Jake S on the uke and Jake A's standing bass player along for the trip. For three people who've never palyed a note together, their jam went pretty darn well.
Plus, I got in a trip to the Big 'n' Tall shop in Philly that handles a whole raft of pro atheletes os it carries some nice stuff. I now have a nice new mercerized cotton T shirt, a couple of polo shirts (one a real Polo polo) and for the first time a Polo button down oxford long-sleeved shirt. In pink. It's quite handsome.
I'll post more later because now I have to catch up on such mundane things as the newspapers, water the plants (!) and the like.

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