Friday, July 28, 2006

Farm Report
Today's visit to the deck was a cornucopia of delights. First, the horn worms are in exactly the same place I found them. Their immobility speaks to their moribund condition. Ha. Good. Then I watered the boxes (three full cans - six gallons!) and harvested 11 tomatoes. I tossed one to the passing meter reader and cooked two, which, sitting directly on the deck, had gone bad at the base. Made the tomato and scrambled eggs again. Love it! Next time I may do it more omlette-like. I'll have to dice the tomaht though.
The jalapeno plants are now starting to bristle with peppers. And I spotted the first actual green pepper. Woo hoo!
I'm already planning next year's plantings - some herbs, some onions, more tomatoes, more hot peppers. I think it'll be time to roll my own salsa.

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