Monday, July 10, 2006

More PRS on eBay
I feel like I'm stealing a bit from Billy Beck and his "AxeBites" but every now and again I see something on eBay 's Paul Reed Smith listings that strikes me. This time, it's another Swamp Ash Special, striking in glossy black with a flame maple neck and bird inlays. I prefer the translucent colors or the natural finish on the SAS because the grain of the wood is just gorgeous. But the glossy black body with the light maple neck is a pretty combination. If it had ebony tuners, it would be a touch hotter still. The auction is started off at $1,500 with no reserve. I don't know what the seller hopes for but I wouldn't pay any more than the starting price for a used SAS, even in superb condition. My Julie was a straight up $1,400 and I think she's more beautiful than this one.
But, you know, I could be convinced about this one were I not already an owner. I'm not a gitbox hero but of my three PRSes, I like playing the Swamp Ash Special the best. I'm sure this one plays equally well.

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