Friday, July 14, 2006

We Have Peppage!
Wow, that sounds almost like English. Maybe "pepperage" would be better. I found my first jalapeno on the plants today. It's tiny - about the size of the final joint on a baby's pinky finger (not a newborn, a home-from-hospital, looking-around-with-interest sort of baby). -snif- I'm so proud! Not only do I have tomato plants that are so laden with fruit I've given up trying to count 'em, I now have a baby pepper. Now if the regular green peppers will start producing, I'll be even happier.
By the way, if I had to guess how many tomatoes were on the plants, including those that are developing on stalks that already have fruits, I'd say I probably have well over 50. I think the Earthbox is a superb way to grow them. That and catching the brazzlefragging horn worms in time.

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