Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New On The Blogroll
We all have those good friends we've never met. I'm now adding my good friend IML8 to the blogroll. She blogs on Livejournal and carves out her corner of cyberspace under the heading od "And Another Thing...."
She and her family are all objects of great envy for me as they've had a pug (Petey) for a while now and they've just added another charming lad by the name of Dewey to the family. Click on over and enjoy some pug pics that'll leave you all puddle-fied and melty.
Many moons ago I was a regular poster on a usenet forum for a local radio show as was she and we struck up an online friendship that ended up falling by the wayside. But we caught up after the advent of pugs and I thought she deserves a place on the PoW 'roll. I admire her honesty and great sense of humor. And I salute Mr. L8 for his being an admirable husband to a tough (and I mean that for her perseverance and pluck) lady. And no, I haven't met him yet. But then, I haven't actually met her either.

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