Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Ol' Odds 'n' Ends Post
Lycurgus sent me Brad Paisley's "Time Well Wasted" CD. Whoa boy! Knockout. Funny as all get-out, the man can play the hell out of a guitar (even if he's a Telecaster guy - not every one prefers the PRS) and, well, it's just a great album. Great. Not just good - great. I can understand if country is not your taste that you wouldn't want to spend the $$ on it but you should still give it a listen anyway. I promise there's something you'll like.
That said, what's the new music for the month? This is an undecided month. Emm is accepting pre-orders for her next disc "The Summer of High Hopes." If you get in early enough, you get a signed copy plus a special disc of the songs from her major label disc "Public" which she's re-recorded to suit her taste now (interesting! I really want to see what she's done because "Public" is a fantastic disc). It's called "PVT" ("Private") in contradistinction. I hope she tours into the US before too long as I was not well when last she came through and I need to get an autograph to complete my collection.
If you visit the Emm link, you'll see that she has done a Flash re-design of her site. It's pretty in a sort of fairy-goth, delicate way. At least it doesn't keep you waiting for enormous splash animations. And if you click the "Listen" button, you get to hear songs from her discs on a very retro radio interface. I like it. Not that I need to listen online as I have very nearly every disc she's ever released.
Which begs the question of this month per se. I'll go with Brad Paisley and the prospect of Emm's disc as my discs for the month.

I take full credit for the brilliant estimation of the value of the Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody II in the the post of June 27. I said, "
Any price below about $3000 is a good buy for this beauty." Ha. It sold for $2,950. And it was a good buy provided it was in the condition advertised. My Julie Ocean (Paul Reed Smith Swamp Ash Special) is in the hands of my friend Bill who will clean her, tune her and leave her ringing like the belle she is. He gets to play with an SAS which is one version of PRS he does not own.
I'll practice on the original Santana SE for a while.
I did, howver, make a mistake on the designation of the Hollowbody II. The "II" doesn't mean that the top and back are both necessarily "10 top" flame maple wood but that the top and the back are of matched quality. Thus a II with a 10 top will have a 10-quality back. A II with an artist-grade 10 top (even better than a regular 10) will have an artist-grade 10 back. But those are rare and pricey. The regular II will be made of good figured maple, matched in quality on the front and back.

I said I'd take pics of the horn worms giving up their juice for the wasp babies but I just ran out of steam on that one. Since then, the jar was outside and has been rained in considerable. I have to check to see if the rain water has done in the wasp pupae. I hope not.
And, finally, no posting for the next few days as I'm off to Philly to see Jake.

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