Saturday, May 16, 2009

And A Good Saturday To You
"Good?" you say? Sure. I discovered something in the Apple Mail app today. A friend sent me an e-mail which contained the phrase "on Saturday." By happenstance, I let the cursor linger of the phrase and what should appear but a box with a drop-down arrow to its right. Hunh?
Turns out that Mail can pick days out of context and give you access to the calendar application with one click. That's pretty damn cool.

What else on this mitzvah Shabbos? Praise of customer service. First, Amazon. I recently ordered a couple of firewire adapters to be sure I got the proper one for my new iMac. And, indeed, one was right. The other was then made moot. So how difficult are returns at Amazon? I suppose they could be easier if someone else walks your package to the post office but with about two minutes and a few clicks, I have the return address, postage paid label printed and ready to affix to the box which I can now drop off. That's the way to do it!
And the same level of customer service was displayed by the garden folks at Burpee. Of all the plants I ordered for this year's Deck Farm™, two of the tomato plants arrived moribund. So I called. And with, really, no trouble a replacement set of plants (one extra actually as they ship in threes and I only need two) will be to me in a couple of weeks. I can't ask for anything more than they did. How nice.

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