Friday, May 08, 2009

Oy! Such A Deal!
If you have any affection for classical guitar music, have I got a deal for you. The nice folks at Naxos are offering through Amazon almost 4 hours of such music for (wait for it) 99¢! The page is here. This does include a half hour long interview with the artistic director of the Naxos guitar collection but I imagine that it's pretty informative and need I remind you, 99¢! I won't pretend to any knowledge of the music (really, Scarlatti and Sor I know from nothing) but the performances I've listened to so far have been superb.
It's already in my iTunes as you may infer from my previous comment and it's lovely. At the very least it's perfect classical music to play in the background as you're concentrating on something else.
UPDATE: Saturday morning and the price on the collection is all the way up to $2.59 now. What a ripoff! OK. Not really. Still a buy.

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