Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Day To One And All
It's a cool day here in the NoVa, promising rain and patchy of clouds this am. I post out of obligation and to say that my previous post was a bit of a lie - just one more item about the new 'puter. My first task of the day is to suss out all the apps on the current machine that access data files and libraries and get all the good info onto my new one.
And a shopping to trip to dear old Costco. I am in the mood for rotisserie chicken. And they rotiss theirs very well.
The new machine also forced me into finding something that pleases me. I like to listen to Mark Levin (buy the book!) in the evening but the local station that carries him redirects its signal away from me at sundown so I've been using the "listen live" link on their website. The window that streams the sound wanted me to download a plug-in on the new iMac but I really didn't want to have a folder of "Flip 4 Mac" and all the attendant fooraw. So I thought I'd check iTunes radio "talk" category. Yeah, baby, yeah! Works like a champ.
UPDATE: After weeks of avid reading "The Other McCain," I am compelled to blogroll him. Staunch conservative, very funny and a DC area guy. If you don't already read him, please do.
UPDATE THE NEXT: Much progress on the iMac. It appears that the "migration assistant" works very well. It took a reboot and to disconnect the firewire cable to get Corvinus working as I think it should. Of course, I will be losing some apps and I'm going to have to wait for Intuit to release the rebuild of Quicken before I run that on the new computer. It seems there have been some ... "issues" in OS 10.5.X that don't exist on my PPC machine in OS 10.4.11. Not a problem. I'll wait. Besides, it's time to upgrade anyway.
So ... lemme see ... what do I have left to do? Dig up one registration code (at least I know where it is). Buy a copy of the excellent SuperDuper backup software. Buy a copy of ... nevermind, just bought it (Cocktail - utility software).

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