Friday, May 15, 2009

Bloggy Shout Out
I'm remiss by a couple of days in mentioning Joe Sherlock's five year blogiversary. I'm darn glad you decided to take up the keyboard that half decade ago, Joe. We've had much of a richness of commentary on the auto industry, memories of Philadelphia (for all its problems, still a fascinating city), humor and generally interesting reading from the estimable Mr. Sherlock. In point of fact today's post over on TVTTW regarding the auto industry is very interesting. If you don't get what's happening, read Joe. He does.
Oh, and that "Happy Birthday" image - hubba, hubba!

Taking a page from Joe and his restaurant reviews, I recently had lunch at the Chart House in Olde Towne Alexandriae, VAe. Sorry. The 'e's started and then ran amok. The restaurant is on the Potomac at the city dock area so the view is delightful. I don't recall the last time I was there, but it's a beautiful facility, spacious, well appointed and our server, though eight months pregnant (yes, I asked, but with concern not prying), was reasonably attentive and very pleasant. We started with calamari which was very good although a second to my favorite version served at Clyde's restaurants. I then had fish and chips to which I must give full marks. I should have asked if they had malt vinegar but I just didn't think of it at the time. A dab of a slaw salad on the side was the first thing
on the plate I ate. I really liked the red onion therein but it was, as all slaw seems to be these day, overdressed. The fish was, in a word, superb. Brilliant white flesh, with a light, puffy batter. I'd go back just to have it again. Wonderful lunch.

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