Monday, May 04, 2009

Grace Notes
I suppose it's not fair to go into a situation about which I can't talk as it involves other people who are not party to this webby conversation but I am compelled to say that I got a revelatory e-mail from a very dear friend today. When we care about others, take them into our hearts unbidden as it were, we still don't necessarily understand much of those lives if we en-heart them later in life. Now I've been given much information about people I know and love and I find that it buoys me up. I had always seen the successes and the good life of these friends and now I learn of the other side of their life. It is encouraging to see what can be overcome and how much of life is still possible after deep troubles have laid their salt on the fertile land.
So why do I post this? Because I want to say that everyday allows us to do something better than the day before. As bad as things can be, better is still there. It may take a hell of a lot of work but it can happen. This month contains my natal anniversary. I'm getting old now. Past the point of being a child prodigy. But through all that I suffered (which I admitted here on the blog last year), I can make next May a brilliant diamond out of the lumps of coal that I'm sitting on now.
All from a long e-mail about others, a note of grace for which I'm thankful.

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