Monday, May 18, 2009

I guess I'm pretty boring lately. Not even the shadow of a whisper of a comment. Oh well. That's life in the big city. Fatalistic much? Sure. It's my birthday week. I'm too damn old to be a child prodigy at anything anymore. heh heh heh.
Consolations include getting a great shirt in the mail today. Sweetie - I love the clothes you pick. And the cards! How do you do it? I swear I'm going to have frame those. And I'm running out of space to hang the artwork. But don't stop. Don't you dare stop. You sexy beast.
Lite blogging for a couple of days as I work a Photoshop project for a friend and devote some direct attention to the Deck Farm™ 2009. Got to make two ErfBoxes, fix the hose bib, re-set the extant Boxen and do the planting. If the joints don't rebel, it's fun. If I ache (which has been happening a lot in the last couple of weeks), not so much.
Old. It's that damn old thing again.

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