Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Wondering
I was talking recently (let's say some time in the last six months) with a pop-culty friend who is, in part, a comic aficionado. In discussing the spate of comic book movies and how varied the quality is therein from the absolutely craptacular (DareDevil, Fantastic Four) to the absolutely stellar (Dark Knight, Ironman), we pondered on the possibilities of the Green Lantern franchise: would it either make it to screen or be any good if it did.
But this set me off on speculation about the Green Lantern's powers. I most assuredly will not go into a discourse on the idea that almost God-like power is granted to a human by aliens with a piece of man jewelry. But, if I recall correctly from my reading of those pulpy pages oh! so many years ago, the Green Lantern's power comes a cropper against the color yellow.
That would pretty much mean he'd be impotent against most Asians then, wouldn't it? Not exactly God-like then.

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