Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Are Not Qualified
To criticize yourself. Gordon Ramsay, however, is.

And, as an anodyne to being abused by a world famous chef, more Jake blogging. First, here's an article in the Patriot Ledger about Jake and his father Taylor, their new CDs, their joint show and some nice words about the new disc. Good information and praise for PoW's favorite artist (well, mine - I won't speak for the Enigmatic Misanthrope who still carries a copy of Freddie Mercury's obituary in his wallet). Also, a visit to his website is in order to see his new "store" page. You see, I said, "in order" because you can order things like CDs and T-shirts. It's a comedy thing. But the music is serious. And I must assume that the lady pictured on the splash page is Mrs. Jake. Lovely lady, Jake. Congratulations.
I'll see him with Eddie From Ohio tomorrow night in Fredericksburg. Hmm. I do not want to fight Friday-exiting-DC traffic in the evening. Maybe I should head down there about noon and just take a nap before the show.

Much obliged to those who sent me birfday greetings yesterday. Older no longer means better these days but it beats the other option by several furlongs.

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