Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Baseball Season Starts This Sunday Night
It will be the Yankees and the Red Sox in prime time. I'll grab a seat on the couch in front of the TV and I'll forget all the steroid talk and won't even bother to comment on how svelte the players look. No need to connect the dots as that would take away from my enjoyment of the game. I won't watch the entire game as it will be going on well past my bedtime. Instead, I will revel in the excitement of that moment when the Yankees take the field. At that moment if you listen very carefully and the TV network does not go to a commercial you will hear the traditional chanting of the Yankees names by the folks in the bleachers. I don't know how it all started but it is fun to watch the players one by one turn and salute the people in the cheap seats after they chant out their names. The players will usually tip their caps and give them a big smile. It doesn't sound like much but in what other sport do the participants show their respect for the spectators? I guess a football player who jumps into the stands after scoring a touchdown might be a close second though I still prefer the more gentlemanly tip of the cap.

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