Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stop The Invaders On The Beaches
I believe that we need to close our immense borders with both Canada and Mexico in order to protect us against potential terrorists. Kim Du Toit says it even better and with more passion:

"Here's a quick tip from a student of military history.

If you want to stop an invasion, you stop the invaders on the beaches.

You do NOT hold your troops back in a strategic reserve, waiting for divine intervention to help save you. And you most certainly do not let the foreigners invade, and then negotiate with them later (which is GWB’s fucking awful plan).

A cursory study of the events of June 1944 in Occupied France will prove the point."

The German General Irwin Rommel understood this well but could not convince Hitler of the merits of his argument. Thank goodness or we might have been repelled at Normandy on D-Day.

****On 1 April 2005 I corrected the error regarding General Rommel. He was a German and not a Nazi, a distinction that makes a world of difference to his reputation. ***

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