Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I Am A Prime Candidate For The Lead Aspirin
Horrible confession: I used to watch "Gilmore Girls." I have a hard time breaking off when I start watching a serial show. But I have managed to stop watching GG. Why did I watch? Lauren Graham is undeniably beautiful and I thought her relationship with Scott Patterson's character was nicely played. On the other hand, the daughter Rory (played by Alexis Bledel) has been setting my teeth on edge for basically the entire series. It was she who finally managed to drive me away. She is alleged to be a model which makes me wonder at the sanity of the world. Is it the brick-like jaw? The giant forehead? The "I'm just too too cute" demeanor? I see that she's been in a few movies too. Will the madness never end?
In any event, it may be a mark of sanity reasserting itself that I have been able to drag myself away from one waste of a perfectly good hour of my limited supply.

I suppose the end of "NYPD Blue" is in the same category. It was one of my weekly regulars and now its done, finished, gone, stick-a-fork-in-it, not even in syndication will I watch it again. I did watch the finale and found the retrospective insufferable. It was a good show - dramatic, well-acted and involving. The mark of a good show is the ability to replace what should be key elements. David Caruso made a mistake leaving which he's finally rectified by hooking into the CSI franchise. A mistake because he was rather easily replaced. In fact, all the new people brought into Blue worked rather well. It was a revelation to see "Ricky" Schroeder work so well in an adult role. He sold himself as Rick Schroeder.
And there was the episode "Nude Awakening" with the delectable Charlotte Ross in the buff. Never have I been a bigger fan of the show. But it's over and now I don't have to spend an hour on Tuesday night watching ABC. I understand Bochco has developed a new show for the time slot about a blind detective. A blind detective. (sounds of inadequately suppressed laughter). Unh yeah. Good luck with that.

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