Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Not the show. I spent a few hard-earned, easily-spent minutes today looking over entries in the current incarnation of the Carnival of the Vanities. If you aren't familiar with the Carnival, it is a roving, amorphous blob of blog with links to all sorts of new sites that you might otherwise never stumble upon. It struck me that there are now a lot of blogospheric carnivals - capitalists, education for example.
What we now need is the Carnival of Carnivals blog. Its sole point would be as an aggregating point for links all the myriad carnivals springing up like magic mushrooms in the cowpat of the InterWebThing. OK. My job is done. I'm the idea guy. Somebody else, go do this and give me all the credit.

UPDATE: Well. It's done. But I get no credit. Maybe the BlogFather would remember that I sent him an e-mail about the idea a few days ago. Laziness is a curse. My curse.

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